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by Scott Galloway

Boy has the world changed in a short amount of time. We have all scrambled to steady ourselves, as we adapted to a radically changed environment. It is fair to say the world turned upside down incredibly fast. It happened, now what?

As we look forward, there is one thing that seems for certain. Disruptive change is the new normal. We were headed in that direction anyway and then the coronavirus response has given everything a huge push! As history has shown us through times of great change…things are going to be ok. It may be difficult, certainly different but OK in the end. So, now what are a few things should we look forward to?

Four things you should think about during these dynamic times.

Be ready to pivot…again…and…again

Think agility, with a sense of urgency. The business cycle has accelerated at an incredible rate. Disruption is the new normal. Companies will need to reinvent themselves on a regular basis (every 1-2 years, if not sooner). We will not be able to rely on how we did things the last time (last year or last week!) The absolute key to success will remain…What is best for our customers, supported by our Strategy and Culture. Staying ahead of their changing expectations will be the challenge.

How businesses align strategy and culture will enable us to effectively pivot. Strategy must be both clear and broad enough for teams to understand and execute independently (think simplified, not politically correct). Culture will be more critical than ever…Urban Meyer nailed it perfectly when he said…what does your culture “look like”, “act like” and “feel like” if you don’t know immediately or have to read it off a poster, you don’t have one. Every person in the company needs to be the Chief Culture Officer.

For you…brush off your critical thinking skills and be prepared to pivot. Embrace the strategy and culture of your company/team. Be ready to be take-action with less information and keep moving. If you were wrong…admit it…fix it…move on. Your focus needs to be 100% on what is in front of you. As I like to say…do not wait to see the top of the stairs before you begin your climb. Concentrate on the next few steps right in front of you. Consistently think…What’s next?

The way we work has changed.

WFA (work from anywhere) is here to stay and more change is coming. Expectations of companies and associates have changed…get on board or you and your company will become irrelevant. We will be working from anywhere and that impacts a broad range of areas. For one…think smaller offices: hoteling desks, hoteling meeting rooms, less travel, and more on-line meetings. Businesses need to build a new operating model around how people work best.

For you…Embrace the changes. Do not fight the trend. The change in the way we work has been massive and a rate of speed that has made our heads spin. OK, pause, take a deep breath, and think about how this will work best for you. It will…there are a lot of benefits for you (freedom, family time, etc).

Forget about work-life balance. Think work-life harmony.

For you…Imagine, on Tuesday your 10:00 is an online meeting with your team and your 11:00 is mowing the grass or going to the grocery! Your challenge will be how you blend your work and home life and be better for it! Trying to strictly balance work life vs. home life will not work. It is way too complicated. Agility is a KPI here, as well. You need to find that harmonious blend that works for you. (By the way, I have done it and I love it!! The freedom is fantastic!). It is not easy, at first, and then you find your flow.

The Freelance economy is here.

Not everyone will be going back to work in an office when things open back up. Companies will move forward and have fewer permanent employees. However, the work still needs to be done. The gig economy is evolving and is now on steroids. Organizations will become more decentralized. Freelance work will be a key component to a company’s future operating model.

For you…Companies are not bound by having associates within 50 miles of the office anymore. That means they can hire the best person, wherever they live, to deliver value for your company, for a specified period-of-time. Trends indicate that 50% to 60% of workers will need to adapt to a different way to work: freelance, project-oriented, contract-based, skill-based, entrepreneurial.

So, BE READY! Sharpen your self-marketing skills and work on building your network (NOW!). Become an Expert! It is time for you to put together a portfolio of your work…not just a resume. How will you add value to companies will determine if, and when, you work? Embrace it!!

Change is hard. We all know it and very few of us like it. But change we must and adapt we will. Doing so now will make your new normal to be best suited for you and your family.

Are there more things to consider than the four areas above…of course there are!  But these are a good place to start. Want to discuss what other opportunities there may be to transform your business, let’s chat! You can reach me at  

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